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2Fast Performance Project Car

This is our new project car for 2018! This beautiful 2016 Camaro 2SS was a previous customer's car and it's equipped with a Texas Speed 416 cid stroker with PRC Heads, Kooks 2.0" headers, Borla 3.0" Atak Exhaust, a Procharger F194-A, Air to Water Intercooler, Procharger Sheetmetal Intake Manifold, Driveshaft Shop Axles and Driveshaft, 1LE Brakes and Wheels and some other cosmetic upgrades. Stay tuned for future updates with this...

2014 Corvette Z51 Manual with an ECS Supercharger kit

  We've been working on this beautiful Corvette since it was brand new. First we started with a Corsa exhaust and a Halltech CAI. Now we installed an ECS supercharger along with an Alky Control Methanol Injection kit. We were able to add almost 140whp, it went from 416whp to 554whp with the base kit and some meth injection.        Let us help you build your dream car!...

2014 Corvette Z51 Automatic with an A&A Supercharger

  From 374whp to 530whp with the installation of an A&A Supercharger! We installed an A&A Supercharger kit and an Alky Control Methanol Injection Kit in a stock 2014 C7 automatic and gained almost 160whp in a stock Corvette with just the base kit.      


Welcome to the new 2Fast Performance Internet shop! We will start working with email tunes and SCT programmers and it will develop into a full web store.